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On Site Rebuilding

Bridgeport Heads / Hardinge Aprons

Every week we have calls for Bridgeport head rebuilding! Another common rebuild is the hardinge lathe apron assembly. 

We also offer the Seven Year Service for Hardinges.

This service includes a complete once over of your lathe. Your belts and bearings and Vari-Pulley  and Apron clutches and oils and fluids are all Replaced/Repaired giving you years of added service from your lathe!

We do complete on site rebuilds of the Bridgeport head usually in less than 5 hrs. 

The Hardinge apron usually take about 3 

If your machine needs a collet closer rebuild we also do those on site.

We bring what we need with us to keep your downtime to a minimum!

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No matter how far gone you may think your machine is, we will bring it back to life !!!

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